This page outlines how you can help unleash an explosion of minitry resources around the world.

Take a resourceEdit

  • use this website
  • recommend this website

Give a resourceEdit

  • It's quick and easy to learn how to contribute using the Tutorial or playing in the Sandbox for practice. See also Cheatsheat
  • This is a new website and you can help create a critical mass of resources to kick start this revolution. Please contribute.
  • Please follow our Policies and when you contribute. See also our Values.

Improve a resourceEdit

  • This is the easy part. Every resource has an 'edit' button at the top as a tab to edit the entire page. To edit a specific portion of the page, every main title has an edit button on the right hand side. Click this link and edit away.
  • Improve grammer and spelling
  • Imrove clarity of resource
  • Add a new section. For example my Sermon Obession only has an outline, because that's all I preach from. If you preach it and end up doing a full manuscript for it, you can contribute a full word for word manuscript under the manuscript heading. If a heading doesn't exist, you can add it (see the tutorial above).

Protect this siteEdit

  • This sight is totally user based (except a few powers reserved for administrators). The success or failure totally depends on how we as a community contribute, improve and protect this sight. Everybody on this planet with internet access has power to alter anything on this site. It is what makes it so powerful, we all have power. When you multiply that by the millions of people who can contribute to this site, that is huge. However, everyone also has power to vandalize this sight. You can help by keeping your eyes open and watching for vandelism. Every page has a history tab at the top, where you can see the entire history of a page.
  • If someone vandelizes a site, simply go back in the history to before the site vandelised and resubmit it. You can also report it to an administrator who can block the vandal from having access to the sight.
  • If there is a content war, you can also report it to an administrator


  • for people to find exactly what they want in under 5 minutes
  • to be able to contribute a resource in under 10 minutes
  • easy enough for your grandma to use

Potential To Do'sEdit

  • a nice graphic on the top right hand side of the site to replace the 'wikia' one
  • a nice, user friendly main page that looks more like a profession home page and less like an encyclopedia article
  • put a 'create article' box on each main category page (same box as on the bottom right of the main page)

Relevant links to learn moreEdit

  • Tutorial to help you learn how to contribute

Discussion and FeedbackEdit

  • I had absolutely zero experience putting up a website until I started opensourceministry. It just got approved this week, and last night I went through the [tutorial]. Then I was up till 2am creating my very first website. It was alot easier than I thought - Wallyman