What is it like?Edit

Donated by Brendan Cross


  • Host
  • 6 Nameless Faces


All seven characters walk onto stage, Host last. The six nameless faces all stand in a large circle facing outward, heads down. Host then enters and stands close to the middle of the circle, observing audience.

Host So . . . What is it like?

Lights out, and Host, wearing loud shoes, starts taking timed steps around the inside of the circle. Each character has a turn, but they are not necessarily standing in order.

1 Like the sob of a baby’s first breath.

2 Like the first time your fingertips touch.

3 It’s the A that was deserved.

4 The top of a mountain.

5 A hug of solace.

6 The pride of a father.

2 Standing at the altar, seeing her walk through the doors.

1 Crossing the finish line of your first marathon.

5 The thrill of being swung around by your parents.

4 Congratulations on a job well done.

6 The conclusion of your major thesis.

3 The cure.

5 Knowing your family is safe.

2 Your own home.

4 A perfect recital.

1 A hole-in-one.

3 Financial clearance.

6 The perfect love of a child.

4 The winning touch-down.

2 Running and never getting tired.

3 Soaring on wings like eagles.

1 A place where the wolf will live with the Lamb.

5 The last nail that said “I love you.”

At this point Host stops walking and speaks directly to the audience.

Host Now, imagine something greater than all of that: The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass, it did not need the sun or the moon. The glory of God was shining on it, and the Lamb was its light. Nothing unworthy will be allowed to enter. No one who is dirty-minded or who tells lies will be there. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life will be there.