Don't fall for doing the same thing every week.  Change up your kids programs so your kids don't know what to expect.

Creative ThemesEdit

  1. Pillow Bash (have kids bring pillows to church - when you give the sign, they get a 30 sec pillow fight, then right back to normal programing)
  2. Fun in the Sun
  3. Spring Fling
  4. Lord's Lau
  5. Easter (eggstravaganza)
  6. Crazy Color context
  7. Paul's Missionary Journeys (Can use a different city he visited each day, have a giant map in the background)
  8. Super Heroes (you can either use modern super heros and find a bridge to the Gospel OR use Bible heroes as super heroes like Solomon=megamind, Samson=hulk, Gabriel=Superman

Creative EventsEdit

  1. Kids fun fest
  2. Summer Fun Days
  3. Worship wekends
  4. Show renewing service
  5. Talent Show
  6. Summer Skills Camp (have adults in your church come in and teach kids archery, cooking, carpentry, gardening, swimming...)
  7. Olympic Theme (use the different colors of the olupmic rings, put a theme to each color, different color each day.  Then choose stories and sports... that match that them.  Bible verse can be 1 Tim 4:7-8)
  8. Overnight Excursions
  9. New Years Eve blast
  10. Ps. 91 - Fortress (can make snow fortress, make a fortress out of boxes....)
  11. Mock Missions trips (pretend to fundraise, buy tickets, build an orphanage... vacation on last weekend and fly home to cold snowy city)